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 3Shape Communicate™

Helping MDA help our dentists.
3Shape Communicate™ is a new service opportunity that allows us to enhance communication through sharing 3D digital images of cases and designs.  We can now digitally discuss cases.

About 3Shape Communicate™
Communicate™ is an advanced tool that lets us and our dentists share case information and view 3D designs on-line.

Share, communicate, interact
Communicate can be used for all cases and is completely integrated in the TRIOS® workflow. Access the Communicate cloud directly from Dental System™, TRIOS®, your smart phone, or web browser.

iOS App to communicate anywhere and any time
View scans and designs in 3D, and exchange comments with our dentist directly on your mobile device. Dentists can take patient pictures with their smart phone to send along with digital impressions.

A 3D picture says more than 1000 words
Upon completing designs, MDA can send a 3D model, screen shots, and comments to the dentist. Both dentists and labs are immediately notified of changes and can login to view, comment, or approve the design. We can present diagnostic wax-ups for dentists for use in before-and-after visualizations for patients.

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3Shape Communicate™

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