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Why 3shape?
3Shape offers technology-leading dental scanners for 3D scanning. High speed scanners with the capability to provide the accuracy and detail required for full-arch bridges and implant bars. Unique technology features include 5.0 MP cameras, adaptive impression scanning, and texture-capture capabilities. Full integration with 3Shape’s design software ensures the optimal scan-to-design workflow.

CAD/CAM Design
3Shape Dental System™ is known throughout the dental industry as the most powerful CAD/CAM design system in the world.  Empowering technicians with automation and productivity 3Shape's CAD Design software supports familiar workflows, provides the market's most comprehensive dental indication support and greatly enhances productivity through extensive automation.

Many call it "the most powerful CAD/CAM solution in the world". Others prefer to speak of its efficient workflows, many tools, ease of use, and complete range of indications. No matter how you describe it, 3Shape’s Dental System™ continues to maintain its long-standing leadership as the world’s most innovative and sold lab system for Dental CAD/CAM. 3Shape’s Dental System™ 2014 brings labs new opportunities for expanding their business, increasing their productivity and growing their customer base.  The 2014 release introduces new dental indications, optimized workflows for TRIOS® digital impressions, and a new modernized user-interface. Furthermore, we have added more automation, faster workflows, and powerful validation tools. Finally, we have also boosted scan speeds and improved the integration with CAM software.