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Porcelain Fused to Zirconia

(Also, Pressed on Zirconia)

The advantage of PFZ over traditional PFM restorations is the fusing of ceramic material over a tooth colored substructure versus fusing over an alloy.  Fusing over most alloys creates an oxide layer, and with the alloy color itself, needs to be masked with an opaque layer.  In addition, these alloys materials are not translucent.  Fusing ceramic over zirconia eliminates the need to mask a non-translucent dark material providing for a highly esthetic restoration with more indications for use.

The IPS e.max system allows for traditional build-up of ceramic with IPS e.max ceram along with the possibility to press on the zirconia framework with IPS e.max ZirPress.  Both have similar highly esthetic results, however the IPS e.max ZirPress responds to the needs of modern dental technicians. IPS e.max ZirPress allows you to combine the press and the CAD/CAM technique and to benefit from the precision fit and high strength offered by zirconia based restorations.  This technique allows for the digital process to be used to it's fullest capability.  With 3Shape and ZirPress we are allowed to design in full-contour and create reduced, supportive zirconia substructures and full-contour wax that fits over the framework to be pressed onto later.  This process allows us for a predictable result before material is even been worked on.

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