All Restorations Proudly fabricated at

Marrano Dental Arts in Pottstown, PA

HT+ Zirconia

    1250MPa monolithic zirconia, 5% more translucent than traditional monolithic zirconia

STML Zirconia

    850MPa monolithic multi-layer highly esthetic zirconia, 10% more translucent than       traditional zirconia

Hybrid Zirconia

    1200/600MPa monolithic transitionally multi-layered strength and translucency

Porcelain Fused to Zirconia

    Traditionally or modified layered porcelain to HT+ or STML zirconia

Lithium Disilicate

    Pressed e.max or LiSi

Full Contour Metal Restorations

     Base metal, noble metal and high noble alloys available

Implant Restorations

    We restore most implant systems.  We offer original manufacture components or high quality after market solutions.

    Custom Titanium Abutments

        Restorations can be cement retained or screw retained on custom abutments

    Hybrid Abutment

        Restorations that are screw retained over titanium bases

    Angulated Hybrid Abutment

         Restorations that are screw retained with an angulated screw channel

Diagnostic Wax-up

PMMA Temporary

Our Products We Proudly Offer

We pride ourselves on using high end materials and equipment for processing restorations.

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